Digital Storm’s BOLT 3 thunders into existence


Digital Storm unveils its most advanced small form factor PC to date, the new BOLT 3. I myself have been using the first generation Bolt with wonderful results and longevity, so it definitely piqued my interest. This 3rd-generation SFF system is the peak of engineering and performance contained in a small footprint. Continuing with advances made on the previous BOLT, the BOLT 3 is constructed from brushed aluminum, equipped with an enthusiast level cooling system, and features an edge-to-edge glass side panel.

BOLT 3 available for customization at Digital Storm’s website.

PC enthusiasts and consumers looking for a quality experience in SFF desktops will love these builds. At first glance, one would assume that these may have overheating issues, but boy would you be surprised. First seeing this baby at CES 2015, the changes made to the original model show how listening to and understanding customer feedback can significantly improve the product for everyone. Boy does this one look good.



Built with a side panel made entirely of glass, the BOLT 3 lets users view the unique internal design that shouldn’t be tucked away under a desk. The BOLT 3’s all aluminum construction provides a strong foundation that will stand up to normal wear and tear for years to come while being able to fit with any room decor.


The cooling package is augmented with multiple perforated ventilation ports to keep any overclocked system running cool and quiet. Its air delivery and exhaust system is paired with a custom liquid-cooling solution that combines the pump, reservoir, and fluid level indicator into one compact unit.

Overall the BOLT 3 looks to be a super solid build with enough cooling to run a GTX 980 with little to no hiccups. We’re excited to see how it performs over time, in addition to how well Digital Storm has crammed all those goodies into such a small, sexy system.

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