Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare world finals, and why you shouldn’t miss the next one


First of all. I’ve never played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. However, I have experienced the past 4 or so COD titles and therefore have been told that unless I’m sweating for a jetpack-marine, I don’t need to stress about it. Having played Destiny religiously for the past few months, my FPS thirst was sated… or was it? With Destiny’s lack of organized PvP, not many major titles throw money behind the e-sports scene. For this, absolutely we applaud Activision in providing a high quality e-sports experience.


Last weekend in sunny Los Angeles, the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare world finals took place within the massive tent of LA Live.

32 teams had the honor of competing in e-sports’ most reactionary demanding game. While we haven’t had the pleasure of spending much time with the game itself, watching it played on a level such as this adds quite the appeal. There are tons to learn from these guys, no matter which FPS you may be impartial to. The video below shows a great recap of just one day worth of action.

How was the overall experience?

It’s a different scene from the usual PC e-sports events; one I’m not fully accustomed to but enjoyed equally. One thing that was amazing as always is the crowd’s reactions during significant kills or scores. People went absolutely nuts during Optic Gaming’s upset, with Denial being the crowd favorites this year. Another interesting experience was the great backstory on these kids (all beasts at COD).

Cod 4

One thing did pique my interest, and it is the reaction to BM. Why does the COD crowd have such a significantly rowdier reaction? We’ll never know.

Winners: Denial E-sports

Denial E-sports ended up taking the gold this year with quite an impressive victory over veterans Revenge. (What’s with the verb team names?) Overall magnificent experience and a great way to spend a weekend for any video game enthusiast.

Denial 2

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