Tom Hardy attached for 3 more Mad Max movies

mad max fury road

After a long hiatus, we’re finally getting a new Mad Max film from director George Miller. Mel Gibson won’t be returning to play Max Rockatansky, and taking his place will be Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises). Now we have an Esquire interview with Hardy saying that he is attached for 3 more Mad Max films. However, it’s all based on whether Mad Max: Fury Road does well.

“Everything’s based on figures and how things are perceived. Inevitably it’s a business.”

Since Hardy watched it, what did he think of the film?

“****ing unbelievable”

When asked about the dangerous stunts, Hardy said that “Luckily nobody died.”

“We were in the middle of nowhere, so far away from the studio system that [Warner Bros] can’t really see what’s going on, and just getting things to and from the set was a nightmare. We’d lose half a vehicle in sand and have to dig it out. It was just this unit in the middle of x-million square-kilometres of desert, and then this group of lunatics in leathers, like a really weird S&M party, or a Hell’s Angels convention. It was like Cirque du Soleil meets f**king Slipknot.”

Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters on May 15, 2015.

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