Six Flags Magic Mountain: Monster Hunter Caravan Tour

Last weekend I was one of the many who got to spend some time with Monster Hunter 4’s very own Caravan as a part of the Capcom Monster Hunter Caravan Tour at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles.

For fans of the series this is an amazing opportunity to see full scale replicas of items that you see and use on a regular basis such as weapons, storage boxes, potions, and other cool treats. This Caravan is fully functional, and what kind of caravan would it be if they didn’t give you the chance to load up and take home some of these awesome items. These include awesome wearable merchandise like Monster Hunter t-shirts, stickers of the adorable felynes, and even small plush of some of your favorite monsters that you have likely either killed or have been killed by many times.

For my trip I had my mind made up and was anxious to try some of the edible treats from the game like these:

Unfortunately by the time I made it to the Caravan, all of my fellow hunters had already purchased all the supplies that Capcom had put out for that weekend, but fear not, hunters, they have a packed schedule ahead and promise to be restocked for each stop along the way. My advice is when the caravan comes to your town, grab your closest bottle of dash juice and get there fast, or face the chance of not getting some of these rare gems that as of now are exclusive to the caravan and its tour.

The Caravan’s next stop is at WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, CA which is this weekend April 3-5th, then after that it will be at the Capcom office in San Mateo, CA on April 11th. Any other future dates that Capcom announces can be found on the Capcom Unity site here.

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