NA League of Legends Championship Series Week 9 Day 2 – C9 secures a Sneaky 3-0

Meteos Balls and Jack

What a day. May the C9 hype train commence with smiles all around for the return of an NA favorite. Not to say they were down and out, but watching Sneaky pull incredible feats of ADCBadassery this past weekend has convinced us of this team’s incredible resolve. We’re going to have one incredible playoff, folks. Pulling ahead into the power rankings we have Edward Gaming followed by none other than Faker and SKT1.

After 3 and 0-ing, it’s apparent how the meta currently favors the Tank-jungle meta that Meteos has always been a firm advocate of. Not to mention the return of my own favorite champion, Draven, to the LCS scene. Hopefully my supports won’t ditch during champion select now when the grand executioner has been firmly locked in. For those still unaware of the master ADC’s potential, check out Sneaky’s guide on Solomid by clicking the glorious image below.


For more information, visit Lolesports and check out some of the great content, as well as ticket availability for anyone in the Los Angeles area. In all honestly, for the price of $15, you won’t find a better day of entertainment suited to those who love the game and e-sports.

Power Rankings 3-31-2014:

  1. Edward Gaming (14-1-3)
  2. GE Tigers (11-1)
  3. SKTelecom T1 (9-3)
  4. Invictus Gaming (6-5-7)
  5. OMG (8-1-10)
  6. Vici Gaming (6-3-9)
  7. Jin Air Green Wings (7-5)
  8. Team SoloMid (13-5)
  9. Snake (8-2-9)
  10. LGD Gaming (6-4-7)
  11. CJ Entus (8-4)
  12. Cloud9 (12-6)
  13. Yoe Flash Wolves (19-2)
  14. SK Gaming (15-3)
  15. Team Impulse (11-7)
  16. Fnatic (13-5)
  17. Master3 (4-7-7)
  18. Hong Kong Esports (15-6)
  19. H2K (12-6)
  20. Counter Logic Gaming (11-6)

If you didn’t catch the incredible C9-TSM game, we have it for you right below, and it’s quite worth watching.

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