HBO Go cracking down on ‘free’ users


By Nathan Lichtman

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve been using HBO Go that I didn’t pay for. I think most of us have made this egregious error at one point or another. It’s just so easy. A friend says, “Oh, I get HBO GO included in my cable bill. I can give you the password if you want.’ And you’re hooked.

Unlike Netflix or Hulu, there is no limit on devices that can be logged in to your HBO Go streaming service. So people, like my friend who shall not be named, tend to give their logins away like candy.

Going Clear, The Jinx, Entourage, Sopranos…the great programming is endless!

But, right in time for their marquee show’s season premiere, right before Game of Thrones airs on April 12th, HBO will now be cracking down on all these users.

They have launched a method to pay only for their streaming service, and not for the cable channel. So they want people to pay this unbundled monthly rate for that, rather than scam from those who pay for both.

They will be doing this in three ways:

  • For all those who use their computers to watch the HBO Go content (laptops or desktops), HBO has coordinated with the NSA to gain access to your webcam. If they see you logging on the HBO Go, they will be able to match your photo to the one they have on file for the licensed user.
  • For those who use Roku, Apple TV, or the like, they will now be requiring that all remote controls have fingerprint scanners installed within them, and match your scans with the ones on file.
  • And, for all those watching on mobile devices, they are working closely with most of the major banks to access your banking apps, and match it to the paying member’s account info.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially when it mean difficulty watching the plot unfold on GOT (Tyrion dying).

But for the few days you have left, you are welcome to use this mirror log-in I’ve created, to watch the HBO Go content: [email protected], password—slooflirpa.

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