Telltale’s Game of Thrones: Episode 3 ‘The Sword of Darkness’ review

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When we last left off, the House Forrester was still under the oppression of the Whitehills. Mira was trying to get help from Tyrion, but somehow word got out and an attempt on her life was made. Gared Tuttle was finding his place at The Wall under the guidance of Jon Snow and Asher had received word from his uncle that his family and their land were in jeopardy.

We open the third episode with Asher and company on the run from the Lost Legion. Trapped in a cavern, they discover a secret cave to hide in. It doesn’t take long before the Lost Legion find them, but they may have bigger problems to worry about other than the Lost. Namely, one of Danaery’s dragons. If you’ve watched the TV series then you know that two of her dragons have been imprisoned after Drogon was reportedly killing and causing trouble since it’s on the loose.

Drogon does appear in the episode and nearly kills Asher and friends before flying off. After escaping the dragon and the Lost Legion, Asher and company find the camp of Daenary’s. Asher offers information on the whereabouts of the lost dragon if Daenarys agrees to help him. We only get a glimpse of the Last Targaryen before the story moves on.


Most of this episode revolves around Mira, Gared and Rodrick. Gared received a visit from his uncle with a map that discloses the location of the mysterious “North Grove” that King Gregor spoke of before his death. To make matters worst, one of the men that killed his father and sister is now a member of The Night’s Watch. Much of the episode revolves around Gared trying to figure out where the North Grove is and what to do about this new enemy in his midst.

Mira is still trying to find help for her family. Her deal with Tyrion has gotten her in hot water with Margaery. She is banned from ever speaking to Tyrion ever again, just when he reveals he has the order that would safeguard the Forresters under the protection of the crown. Before Tyrion can execute the order, The Purple Wedding happens and Tyrion is taken into custody. Mira is still able to obtain the letter from Tyrion’s desk, but it is unclear of what she will do with it next.

Probably the best part of this episode is Rodrick’s story. Rodrick is still dealing with the Whitehills and their lord has recently assigned his son, Gryff, to oversee Ironrath. A key moment at the end of the episode is Rodrick’s resilience to not bend to the will of Gryff. You feel for his character and his tenacity to stand up for himself. Aside from Rodrick’s moment, nothing much really happens in this episode.

For all the characters, nothing major changes. They are all still in the same predicament they were in the last episode. This episode is more setup for the story to come, which was basically what the last episode was. I can’t help but feel that there is some big leap forward in the story that Telltale is waiting for, and I really hope we start seeing some progress in the fourth.

Rating: 2.5/5 Atoms

NR 2_5 Atoms - C-

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