Idol Shoko Nakagawa voices Diana for Sailor Moon Crystal

sailor moon crystal trailer

Beginning in episode 20 on April 18th, idol Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan) will debut on the Sailor Moon Crystal anime series as Diana, the daughter of Luna and Artemis, the mooncats. As a fan of Sailor Moon herself, the idol announces her elation at being cast on the series, and even claims that she named her own cat “Luna.”

Nakagawa shot to fame eight years ago with her arguably most popular song, “Sorairo Days” (Opening song for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann). Fans of Sailor Moon may also have heard of Nakagawa previously, as she performed a cover of Heart Moving for the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute album. She is also known for her manga illustrations and as a TV personality, particularly for Pokémon Sunday.

For those interested, Sorairo Days:

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