First look at Japan’s upcoming Godzilla reboot


I love Godzilla, and if you know me, it wouldn’t be a surprise. The latest incarnation from Legendary Pictures was spot on! But what’s better than a good American Godzilla movie? Japan rebooting their own version! posted earlier today some more information regarding the King of the Monster’s return to his native homeland, as well as our first look at the new version…sort of…

TOHO unveiled an image (pictured below) of the foot of its new Godzilla on Wednesday. According to Cinema Today, the foot is indicative of the new Godzilla being the tallest one yet, towering over the 108-meter-tall (about 355-foot-tall) incarnation in Gareth Edwards and Legendary Pictures’ 2014 Hollywood film. The setting of TOHO‘s new Godzilla film is Japan.

Anno is now writing the new Godzilla film’s screenplay. Filming begins this fall, and TOHO will release the film in theaters next summer.


I LOVE how Godzilla’s footprint kind of shows off the “mutant” side of him. (Check out the extra little knub toe on the right of the photo.) Not only that, but the director of this latest version is none other than Shinji Higuchi, the SFX director of that epic Gamera trilogy from the Heisei Era. The writer/supervising director is Anno Hideaki, who is currently working on the Evangelion film series. He was also the brilliant director who brought Cutey Honey to life in the live-action adaptation. We don’t know much else other than this Godzilla will be the tallest yet, looking down on the 108 meter tall Legendary Goji. Here’s another little tidbit left by Higuchi himself…

“Finally, the time has come.” He added, “Playtime is over,” and acknowledged the pressure on him. Still, he vowed, “Next year, I will deliver the greatest and worst nightmare to everyone.”

Godzilla will be a nightmare?!? While America has the hero version, it looks like Japan will stick close to the polar opposite “Villainous Dark Godzilla” and bring in a new take on their very own Green Gargantuan.

The Japanese reboot of Godzilla, which will not be associated with the Legendary Pictures’ sequel, will stomp into Japanese theaters next year.

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