What’s up with PS4 digital games?


Digital games have been a focal point in this new generation of gaming. Downloading games digitally is convenient and you don’t have to fuss with popping in discs. That begs the question, why is downloading digital games so broken? The short answer is, we don’t know. In fact, we will probably never know for sure. The long load times can sometimes make the experience unbearable. And when the game finishes downloading from the queue the disclaimer doesn’t tell us that the game is only partially done. This sort of mishap is the thing that could be potentially holding back the Sony PlayStation 4 to its true potential.

Take for example from my own personal experience, I was excited to know that Dragon Age Inquisition was on sale earlier this month however; I did not expect the long loading times, and a partially broken game. As soon as I purchased the game I was happy to find out that the game was finished downloading from the PS4’s queue. I started the game and played for an entire hour. It was mesmerizing. The art direction along with the story really convinced me why this game was on top of critic’s list of game of the year. But as I thought back about the entire experience as a whole, I recalled that the frame rate dropped during the cut scenes. I thought this was rather unusual but nothing worrisome until it kept happening time and time again. Finally, when I defeated my first boss, I encountered a major problem; the game was not downloaded completely yet! This outraged me because I knew I had the same problem with buying my first digital game: Marvel Lego Superheroes. But, I didn’t know why this was happening.

I started researching various Facebook PlayStation groups and came to a consensus. The game wasn’t completely finished. It was done from the queue but, the entire game was not in my internal hard drive just yet. I laughed in disbelief and looked in my PlayStation 4’s setting. I saw under Storage Management that the game was about 18.4 gigabytes from 44.5 of the total installation of the game. I was pretty shocked, but what was more of a surprise was that the game was almost a ruined experience because due to the fact that the game was completely unfinished; it almost made the experience sub-par.

Playing Dragon Age Inquisition before it downloaded completely was great, but it suffered from a lot of problems. Firstly, the sound in the menu was distorted. It did not seem completely synchronized with the menus interface. I didn’t think this was a big deal until I kept playing the game and noticed the game started lagging. It lagged during the cut scenes which was quite odd because there was not a lot of action partaking within the scenes. I started to get a little frustrated, but mostly the tipping point was when I was in a big battle with a few enemies, and the screen started to tear and freeze. I did not appreciate this at all. It made me rethink about downloading games digitally. I did manage to finish the first hour of the game with an overall satisfactory experience but in the long run, this shouldn’t be happening.

I appreciate Sony letting us play games before it actually finished downloading; however, there needs to be a disclaimer telling gamers that the game isn’t completely finished. Without question, this is a great experience for new-gen gamers to conveniently play games without the fuss of discs, nevertheless, there needs to be a better way of implementing this system. We cannot be patiently waiting to play a game the entire day, only to find out the game was actually 1/4 of the way done. This is ridiculous. Not only is the long waiting time a problem, but most of the time the game is broken before it even downloads completely. Why give us a not- finished project when it is only a bad experience? This can frustrate many gamers including myself. Thankfully, Sony has addressed these issues but still, nothing is in fruition just yet.

Even though the waiting game and broken experience can be a bit of a problem, buying digital games is just simply more convenient. It’s a pain-free experience buying the game, but there just needs to be a more refined adjustment. Are we wrong for not having the best and fastest experience in this new generation of gaming? I believe we all deserve to have best experience as possible, if Sony can make visual games out of motion control, then we certainly can have digital games be a more refined system. What do you guys think? Pro digital? Or con digital? Let me know in the comments below.

-Nerd out!

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