What it’s like inside Riot’s new eSports facility

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Last year, you may have remembered that the League of Legends Championship Series was held in a large studio. This year is a bit different, as a new facility houses Riot Games‘s eSports event. By the time you read this article, the League Championship Series 2015 would be over, with the champions heralded to continue their course until next season. We here at Nerd Reactor were invited to check out the event last week. Urgod was the largest highlight that day, along with a fancy new store to get the newest high-quality collectibles from Riot’s creative team.

Here’s a quick tour of the facility. Reactorites, hold on to your butts!

Entering the eSports facility…

… the stadium…

… as fans are taking a break after the match…

… from the stadium to the store…

… and we’re out. ‘Till next time!

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