Kill some time with Super Mario 64 on your browser

Maric 64

A new week is coming and I already wish it were Tuesday. If you dread Mondays like I do, maybe you could also kill some time getting some game time in Super Mario 64. No, you don’t need to find your old cartridges and set up anything to your TV; you can load this up on your browser or download the executable and play on your computer. By the way, did I mention this is not limited to just Windows? You can get all nostalgic on either on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Even though the game is limited to the first level Bob-Omb Battlefield, you will still be able to experience the level just like the original, except for a few minor details. This version has no red coins, Wing Cap or the Big Bob-omb. Instead, you get some fun springs and coin blocks; now what Mario fan doesn’t want more coin blocks?

The game also offers gamepad support, so you can hook up your Xbox One, Xbox 360, DualShock 3, and DualShock 4 controllers and have a bit of fun. You can view the video below for some game play or click the source to get playing!

Source: Roystan Ross

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