Academy buys 2001: A Space Odyssey shuttle for $344,000


Arguably, it’s one of the most iconic props in film history. Though its name, the Aries 1B Trans-Lunar Space Shuttle, probably doesn’t ring any bells, the recognition of its image is undeniable. The shuttle, which is made to seem evil somehow by master director Stanley Kubrick in the equally iconic 2001: A Space Odyssey, has now sold for $344,000 according to the Los Angeles Times. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences purchased the prop on Saturday at Premiere Props’ Hollywood Extravaganza Auction.

Apparently Kubrick destroyed nearly all of the props, sets, models and costumes from the film so they couldn’t be used in other productions. That’s Kubrick for you. The fact that the shuttle is one of the only props left from the film is what makes it so valuable, says the auction house. The model belonged to an art teacher who stored the prop for more than 40 years at his studio in Hertfordshire, England.

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, the likely future home of the shuttle, is set to break ground in late spring or early summer of this year and is scheduled to open at the site of the Wilshire May Co. building at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in 2017.

And if this shuttle is any indication of the exhibition quality, I think it’ll do just fine.

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