3 television premieres to watch this April

April BannerWith the spring season upon us, as a Canadian, I’m blissfully anticipating warmer weather to melt the mountain of snow still sitting outside my door. However, for now I’m more than happy to sit at home cuddled on my couch knowing that April brings with it great new television. Here’s just a taste of some of the great shows premiering this April!


Marvel’s Daredevil – April 10th on Netflix

The first taste of the set of Marvel television series set to lead up to a Defenders team-up series, Daredevil is going to be the series to binge-watch once all 13 episode go online. Charlie Cox portrays lawyer-by-day and vigilante-by-night Matt Murdock/Daredevil who gains enhanced senses after being blinded as a child. Unlike the Steve Rogers or Thor that he shares a universe with, there is no magic or advanced science keeping Murdock going. He is merely a man pushed to his extreme limits, doing what he does through a touch of natural talent and an abundance of determination; he’s fundamentally human.

Though many of us are familiar with the 2003 Ben Affleck flick, Netflix is promising us a much more grim approach this time around. While I’m among the first to defend the delightful cartoony mess that was 2003’s Daredevil, the grittier angle is welcome. However, I am hopeful that Marvel’s Daredevil will still contain the same wit and sass we’ve come to expect from Marvel’s films and other shows like this fall’s Agent Carter.


Game of Thrones – April 12th on HBO

Dragons, and war, and incest, oh my! The A Song of Ice and Fire adaptation will be returning for its fifth season this April, though there’s been some recent controversy over whether or not fans of the books will want to tune in for the new season. Apparently, the fantasy serial drama will be spoiling future events from the books this season, inspiring much ire from those who prefer to read before they watch.

However, for those of us that don’t mind a few spoilers or just simply aren’t fans of George R. R. Martin’s prose, it’s going to be a hell of a season. This season will be taking from the A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons books, the fourth and fifth books in the series. The 10-episode season promises to take us to new lands and see the return of old faces, such as Tom Wlaschiha’s Jaqen H’ghar. We’ll see what the future holds for what remains of the families we’ve come to know over the past four seasons, and whether or not Game of Thrones will be able to survive the post-5th season slump that has affect many series before it.

OB S3 2

Orphan Black – April 18th on BBC America

Admittedly, this is the series I am most excited to see return. As a devout member of the Clone Club, I’m kind of in love with Tatiana Maslany and can’t wait to see her return as the majority of the show’s cast. The third season will reveal the details of Project Castor and a colourful cast of new clones portrayed by Ari Millen. What we’ve seen from the actor thus far is promising, and if he’s half as good as Maslany, viewers are in for a treat.

Orphan Black is a rich science fiction thriller and the second season ended with a nail-biting finale filled with unanswered questions that has only served to build on the show’s robust premise. After witnessing the suicide of a woman who could be her twin, troubled Sarah Manning steals her identity and unearths a conspiracy beyond her wildest imagination. Not only is she a clone, but her sisters are being wiped out with extreme prejudice, either by a mysterious illness or foul-play. Getting to the route of the plot only courts more danger for her and her family, which includes her young daughter, Kira. Quite simply one of the best shows on television right now, I strongly advise you to get caught up before the show’s April 18th return.

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