Tyrese says it’s up to Warner Bros now for Green Lantern role decision

tyrese-gibson-fast-and-furious-green lantern

Tyrese Gibson has been campaigning online and to Warner Bros. that he’s really, really interested in playing John Stewart, aka Green Lantern. So where does he stand now? Only Warner Bros. would know, since the ball is on their court.

During an interview with IGN while promoting Furious 7, Gibson says that he’s done his part. Now it’s up to the studio to do theirs.

“I’ve already taken the oath. It’s just a matter of Warner Brothers deciding what direction they want to go in,” said Gibson.

He also talked about how social media has helped him bring awareness to his campaign.

Again, he reveals that he wants the part.

“I love the idea of taking this role, and putting the ring on as John. I’d love to do it. I’m ready to do it.”

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