The Uncanny Inhumans push aside the X-Men and welcome the Human Torch

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Marvel just released their teaser image earlier today for the Uncanny Inhumans. However there’s another figure joining them there that’s pretty well known: the Human Torch. So does that mean that Johnny Storm is an Inhuman and how does he fit into their world?

Well according to Marvel, Johhny Storm’s origin hasn’t changed, so he’s definitely not an Inhuman. They could change it like they did with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, but I think Marvel will cross that line if they need to in the future. Also, the possible reason Johnny Storm is with the Inhumans in that picture is because Johnny used to date the Inhuman named Crystal.


We already know that the Fantastic Four comic book series is coming to a close next month, and Johnny Storm was always a popular character among fans. Don’t get Human Torch confused with the other fire-based Inhuman named Inferno who’s standing on the right; they’ve also got two hotheads on the team. I wonder how that’s going to work out. Everything will probably be turned to ash by both of their fire-based abilities. All in all, this looks to be a good thing for Johnny, since he can still live on in a different series.

Let’s all take a look at the elephant in the room, which is the word “uncanny” in the title of the series. We all know full well who has held that adjective, and that’s none other than the X-Men. Now before you start tooting your horn and saying that the X-Men are the only ones to hold that title, I suggest you sit back because the Inhumans were also labeled as Uncanny back in 1975. Of course despite that, this could be another jab at Fox Studios by Marvel since they’re still holding on to the rights of our favorite mutants. We can only speculate at this point if Marvel is still bitter about that. It’s reported that Fox was planning a live-action X-Men television series, but Marvel Studios holds the cards to their television rights, and we haven’t heard anything since. Other than that, let’s welcome the NEW Uncanny Inhumans to the Marvel line up and see where they take us.

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Uncanny Inhumans 1975

Source: Marvel Twitter

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