Anchorman’s Adam McKay to direct Marvel’s Inhumans?

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Adam McKay, the director of Anchorman, is no stranger to Marvel films. He has worked with Paul Rudd on the Ant-Man script and was also a contender to direct the film after Edgar Wright dropped out. Due to scheduling conflicts, he opted to just help write the film instead. It looks like Marvel still wants him on board as a director for a future Marvel film in Phase 3, according to Latino Review. What could that film be? Perhaps Inhumans?

“Adam McKay is in the on-deck spot to direct a Marvel movie. Which Marvel movie remains hazy.”

Warner Bros. has chosen a female director for its Wonder Woman film, and I think Marvel might do the same with Captain Marvel to help empower women. As for Black Panther, they may consider hiring a black director to empower the black community.

If Marvel does decide to do that, only a few films would remain in Phase 3. One of them that he could direct could be Inhumans. Marvel has taken a lot of chances with directors. Who knew Community‘s Russo brothers could do great with Captain America: The Winter Soldier or James Gunn making Guardians of the Galaxy a fan-favorite hit?

Can McKay do the same with Black Bolt and Medusa? Let us know what you think.

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