Nintendo CEO talks about the rumored live-action Zelda Netflix series

legend of zelda

It was rumored before that Netflix was working on a live-action Legend of Zelda series. This was great news for many fans, since Netflix has been on the top of its game in regards to producing series. Now it looks like the series isn’t happening after all. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata told Time that the Wall Street Journal article was incorrect about a Netflix-produced Zelda series in Japan.

“As of now, I have nothing new to share with you in regard to the use of our IPs for any TV shows or films, but I can at least confirm that the article in question is not based on correct information,” says Iwata.

One could take it as the information about it being shown in Japan is false. Perhaps the correct information is that it will be showing in the States? Highly doubtful, but one can hope.

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