First frontal look at Jamie Bell as The Thing in Fantastic Four reboot


Fox is already planning its Fantastic Four promotional campaign on the streets, with one of them featuring the super hero team wearing their uniforms. A fan has taken a photo of himself in front of a large banner in Panama, and we get a good look at some of the members and their powers.

Invisible Woman, played by Kate Mara, is wearing a tight but thick suit, showing signs of invisibility. Human Torch, played by Michael B. Jordan, is on fire. Mr. Fantastic, played by Miles Teller, is standing and wearing his suit. (Perhaps his right arm is stretching?) Lastly, we have a good look at Jamie Bell’s The Thing, who looks really rocky.

What do you think of The Thing’s look? Let us know below.

fantastic four thing

Fantastic Four hits theaters on August 7, 2015.

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