Superman may be coming to The Flash! And guess who might be playing him?!?!


When Smallville left us with a…how should I put this… an ending I guess, we have been hit with a pretty fantastic slew of DC-related super hero shows. First came Arrow, which spun-off The Flash. We then got Gotham, Constantine and an upcoming Supergirl show as well as an as-yet unnamed “All-Series” crossover project. But what people have truly been clamoring for is a show that incorporates all of the major members of the Justice League up to and including the Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. We’re still a ways off from something like that happening, however that doesn’t mean we can’t get a few cameos here and there. And one of the BIGGEST may be coming in Season 2 of The Flash.

Now take this with a grain of salt, but rumors coming from suggest that Superman may be making an appearance on the series…in his own Universe! Here’s the excerpt:

Now normally we don’t report on rumors, but this one seems to be based on a semi-confirmation. According to Comic Central City Greg Berlanti talked at a CW Event stating that Superman may appear in Season 2 of The Flash and he will be played by Tom Welling, who is known for playing Clark Kent/The Blur on The WB/CW’s Smallville for 10 Seasons.

Apparently the events of the Season Finale will cause Barry to end up in an alternate universe (the Smallville Universe). Not only that but Cisco and Caitlin will develop meta-human abilities. Now the idea of Tom Welling appearing as Superman makes sense in the context of the story, when Barry changes his mother’s fate he returns to another version of the universe, Smallville introduced us to the multi-universe concept and with Infinite Crisis being a developing story on The Flash it’s not too far off.

There’s also this little snippet of info we glanced at a while back…


Looks like there may already be a cross-over idea in the minds of the writers. Pretty sick, right? I mean, if the rumors are true, and they DO go this route…think of all the other possibilities!

What if this is an idea that could possibly re-introduce other versions of heroes that have appeared on television before? This may be a little out there, but imagine Barry not only visiting Smallville, but going on to visit an older, but still amazingly-beautiful Wonder Woman played by none other than Linda Carter?!? Where is the Wonder Woman of the ’70s today?!? Or better yet, what if Barry also visited a couple of crazy old coots in Gotham City? Not the current Gotham you see on FOX…but the one from the ’60s universe? And not only that…what if Adam West and Burt Ward reprised their roles as the elderly Dynamic Duo?! We could even go to the alternate version of Coast City…and see the other Flash from 1991, the one played by Barry’s father in the current series, John Wesley Shipp. What a fantastic way to stitch the two series together besides cameos, right?!?

As awesome as all of that sounds, it may be a little far-fetched, and due to copyrights, licensing yadda yadda blah blah blah, we’ll probably never get as epic a crossover as all that. Still though, the introduction of Superman from an alternate universe (that has already been established) makes for a pretty awesome team-up. And who knows?!? Maybe, through all this, DC will agree that a small screen version of ALL of their heroes is just as good as big screen collaboration, and may prove to be something even Marvel hasn’t touched yet…alternate universes. That’s your thing DC! Make it happen!!!

Do you want to see Tom Welling’s Superman appear in the Flash? Or do you think that role should be better left open for other reasons, including the idea of a new Superman show? Sound off in the comments below!


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