Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review: Complete Nightmares


And so it continues another franchise has decided to follow the current trend of episodic storytelling. Capcom decided that its AAA franchise Resident Evil would be the one to make the plunge into this popular trend of game design, and I personally think that this is one of the wisest choices that Capcom has done with Resident Evil in a long time. Revelations 2 is broken up into 4 chapters with two separate campaigns in each chapter, along with that there are two bonus campaigns and their take on the horde genre Raid mode. Each separate section feels like its own game on their own with its distinct style and portion of the game’s story.


The opening of each chapter follows Claire Redfield and Moira Burton trying to find a way to escape after being drugged and waking up in a prison on an island with strange bracelets on each of their arms. Their campaign plays closest to Resident Evil 4, making use of the limited resources that you will come across and only Claire being able to wield firearms while Moira is on flashlight and crowbar duty.

While at first appearance many people will think that this campaign will just be a lengthy escort quest and will only play as Claire, however, I fount it to be nearly vital to control Moira almost as much if not more than Claire since her flashlight can stun enemies leaving them completely vulnerable to a melee strike or set up for a finishing move while it lay defenseless on the ground. Moira’s flashlight also can help you spot hidden items which can range from herbs to ammo, and even precious gems that are used as upgrade points for your characters skill tree. These skill trees are by far one of the most vital things added and will have a profound effect on the difficulty of the campaign, some of these upgrade will range from more efficient healing with herbs, more damage on weapons, and chances to withstand deadly killing blows. Claire’s entire campaign feels like a traditional Resident Evil in the best of ways, looking for keys, solving puzzles, surprise scares when you least expect it and flashy but horrifying boss battles.


The second half of each campaign features none other than Barry Burton on his search for his daughter Moira. Each chapter you will be searching the island for clues as to where Moira may be. To help you out with this you have the companionship of a little girl Natalia who can sense the monsters that have overrun the island. Utilizing a combination of Natalia’s ability and stealth, some portions of Barry’s campaign can be cleared without the need for a full scale conflict, which is key because you will often be going through some of the same areas behind Claire and Moira. A lot of the supplies will be picked clean and you will often have to rely on your skill with resource conservation. Barry’s campaign in my opinion is where Revelations 2 story hits its stride, whether it’s the emotions conveyed by Barry to Natalia about his strained relationship with his daughter or the interaction between Natalia and him trying to be a protective father figure to help him ease his guilt of not being there for Moira. Barry and Natalia’s campaign is very reminiscent of 2014’s The Last of Us. Between Barry’s tormented father who “lost” his daughter storyline and its stealth action gameplay style, Revelations 2 pays homage to Naughty Dog’s 2014 GOTY and succeeds without ever feeling like an exact copy.


Revelations 2 also has 2 additional chapters each with their own gameplay that also serves as a way to fill in some gaps in the story. The first one is “The Struggle” and puts Moira in the drivers seat now forcing her to wield guns in traditional Resident Evil style. The Struggle storyline falls between the end of Claire’s campaign and the beginning of Barry’s campaign. It is broken down into segments where you must hunt animals for rations which serve retries in the event you should fail or die. Most missions pose a great challenge by having you fight off hordes of enemies on the move with an extreme lack of resources, and other some will be more stealth oriented where you are able to gather supplies, but if you’re spotted, you must escape within the time limit. This segment is by far the most challenging and requires you to utilize all your skills and everything you have learned from the main campaign.


The final extra chapter is called “Little Miss” and puts you in control of not one but two Natalias. The original is in search of her teddy bear Lottie, and according to the second Natalia, he blames Natalia for abandoning him. Natalia (2) is what appears to be a hologram or a figment of the original’s imagination as she appears from nowhere right after the original wakes up from a deep sleep. This chapter is all about stealth. Natalia (2) is guiding Natalia (1) to the specified point for each mission collecting key cards and other key items required for progression. Natalia (2) is invisible to the enemy which allows you to scout ahead and mark enemies to aid you on your route; however, if Natalia (1) is spotted it means instant death. This extra chapter feels just like the name states little amiss; it has good storytelling but it’s missing what Resident Evil fans crave and that’s the action portion included in every other chapter.


The final component of Revelations 2 is the horde mode which has been structured into more of an action/RPG gauntlet of missions, each with objectives such as kill all enemies, defending a point, or progressing to an objective point all while gaining gold and experience to level up your character of choice. You will start out with a few characters like Claire, Barry, and Moira; after completing other objectives in the main game you will unlock other characters including fan favorite Jill Valentine. The other characters are key in Raid mode since each character has their own unique skills which can be inherited by other characters after they have been maxed out by one of the original owners, so you will want to pick out which characters skills you want. Every mission will award you up to 5 badges based on your ability to complete the mission under the same 5 circumstances. These badges are required to unlock more missions and are crucial to upgrading your character and your only hope to complete the highest level of missions. Raid mode has daily missions to help you level up faster which can be completed once per day. Online co-op is also a nice treat since every other portion of the game only supports local co-op.


Capcom received mixed reviews on both Resident Evil 5 and 6, but with the remastered original, Resident Evil launching with tons of praise, and Revelations 2 getting back to the roots of the series, this is a good sign of Capcom getting back on track and restoring faith to their fans. If you have a friend to play with, the game becomes almost exponentially better since you’re not relying on the games A.I. during the campaign, although they are better now than in the past, they are still not perfect. There were many times when I would stun an enemy and my partner would just stand around forcing me to swap control and use a follow-up combo myself. There are certain traits in the skill tree that will improve the A.I. such as allowing them to heal you from further distances, and utilizing their guns without using up precious ammo. While I clocked in my first completion of the main campaign around 10-12 hours, between Raid mode and the 2 extra chapters included in the season pass and disc format, this easily doubled the amount of time and still leaves me coming back for more. Overall Revelations 2 hits the target with a strong narrative and its design around Resident Evil’s core fundamentals of survival horror based around limited supplies, puzzle solving, surprise scares and fast-paced flashy action when everything hits the fan.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms



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