CW’s The Flash may introduce black Wally West


During this year’s Paleyfest, The CW’s The Flash panel brought in many of its stars and producers to talk about the show. With the first season almost coming to a close, producers have set their sights on Season 2 and revealed to fans what they could expect.

Showrunner Greg Berlanti said that they do plan to bring in more of the “Flash Family”. When asked if that meant we would see Bart Allen and Wally West, he said that was always their intentions.

“That’s our hope and we’ve already been picked up for a second season so I think if we were going to do something like that, we would do it next season.”

Greg actually revealed some of this information last year in an interview, when he said that they wanted to introduce an African-American Flash. This lead many comic book fans to believe that he was referencing the New 52 version of West, who is now African-American. This is the original reason why the show decided to change the West Family to African-American.

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