Sakurai: Mewtwo is pretty much done!

mewtwo pic

It’s been a while since Sakurai made the announcement in October that Mewtwo would be a DLC character for Smash Bros., which is coming in the Spring. Earlier today he made an announcement declaring that his release would not be delayed:

So with regards to my announcement-ish announcement, it isn’t anything to do with something new I’m working on; it’s nothing like that,” Sakurai begins. Rather, it’s about the release of the Mewotwo DLC character, which we may have made the fans quite worried about (without any updates since the character was announced in October 2014). With regards to that, the character is coming along just fine. In fact, it’s pretty much done.

We’ll be releasing it within the period that we intended for, so until the announcement for that is here, please look forward to it. As to when that intended release date is, basically it’s almost time.

So there you have it for those of you who are still playing. And if you want more proof, here’s a clip from an interview from the guy himself:

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