League of Legends Champion Series (March 21-22): The rise of Urgod


This is perhaps the most entertaining LCS matches of the year. While that may seem strange at first, watching North America’s top midlaner lose to an Urgot pick is absolutely our highlight of the season. But hey, when you’re that high up in the standings, only Gravity┬ácan stop you. Stunning upsets and tedious 500 CS matches had us all on the edge of our seats. Back to back insanity with abnormal picks and strange targeted bans being made gave the crowd a show they’ll not soon forget.

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With the return of St.Vicious to the scene at the ripe age of 27 (you give the rest of us hope, buddy), we saw one of the most odd games ever played against TSM. Not only that, but T8 beating crowd favorite C9 with a bit of BM from none other than Slooshi.

Here are the standings for you to personally judge from lolesports.

Recommended to watch are the TSM vs CLG games, TSM vs Gravity, and T8 vs C9. Vods are available as always on YouTube or at LOLesports.com. We had a wonderful time covering this week of matches, with a few interviews to be released soon including C9’s own Sneaky and CLG’s Aphromoo.

Here are a few of the players’ reactions in addition to general images taken during these matches. Enjoy!

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