Does your zombie apocalypse plan include a flamethrower?


All joking aside, we don’t have to suffer a zombie apocalypse to get some flamethrower action. Starting next week you can support an IndieGoGo campaign to get your very own and legal flamethrower. That’s right! This is not some refurbished military hardware or some important equipment from a World War.

The zombie killing, bonfire starting, ice & snow clearing, insect control device I’m talking about is called the XM42. This is being created in the USA and is powered by normal pump gas and diesel (87 octane E10). Now let’s take a minute to state the obvious, this is NOT to be considered a toy and is a real flamethrower that can cause harm if used improperly. While not everyone needs something like this, it’s still very cool.

A question you may be asking is how effective is the XM42. Well on the company website they state, “The current design produces a stream of flaming gasoline 20-25 feet from the nozzle. Our upcoming revisions could emit farther.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Even if I buy this wouldn’t I get arrested?” Well you could be right if you live in California and Maryland, where there is state laws prohibiting civilians from owning such a device without an appropriate license. Live anywhere else in the USA and it’s fair game! That is if you have the money to pre-order one. For the mere cost of possibly a new-gen console, or two, you can own your very own XM42 handheld flamethrower ($699 – $799). You have a few choices from a brushed aluminum finish, polished aluminum, to several powered coated colors.




Source: Ion Productions

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