CONtv: Fight of the Living Dead


You may have heard the buzz about a new network aimed to please the nerd community. It’s called CONtv, a new digital network available free with ads or a $6.99 subscription service. The network is filled with B-movies and has original content, including Fight of the Living Dead, a show that takes your favorite YouTube celebrities and pit them against a horde of zombies.

Fight of the Living Dead synopsis:

Watch as Jesse and Jeana (Prank vs. Prank), Joey Graceffa (The Amazing Race), Meghan Camarena (Strawburry17, The Amazing Race), Iman Crosson (Alphacat), Justine Ezarik (iJustine), Olga Kay, and others traverse their way through the now defunct Sybil Brand Women’s Prison during a 24-hour simulated zombie apocalypse. Did I mention it’s also every man and woman for themselves? OH YEAH…it gets REAL during this perfect mash of reality and scripted web series mixed with excitement  – and let’s face it, we NEED more of that kind of exciting, right?


Sold, right?

After watching the pilot episode, I was hooked. Each challenger is rated like a video game – complete with YouTube stats and likelihood of survival. The cast are thrust into body bags in a seemingly abandoned jail and must figure out how to get out. Oh, did I mention the zombies? The stakes are high, as you can only win by surviving.

Right when the show begins, you are instantly intrigued by the nostalgic video game interfacing and screams of terror. It’s quite entertaining seeing the well-known faces of the internet dealing with uncertainty and fear. They start out in body bags – can it get worse? If so, how much? The worse, the better.

The show won’t take much of your time. It is only under 10 minutes of nerve-wrecking intensity.

Starting Sunday, March 22nd at 12 pm PST on CONtv. you can binge watch all 11 episodes at once. For more information on CONtv and their programming head to

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