The Returned 1×2 ‘Simon’ review


Quick Recap

This episode was focused on Simon – Rowan’s almost fiance – who died the day of their wedding. We learned from their past six years ago that Rowan worked at Jack’s restaurant where Simon used to play with his band. He taught young Lena how to play the drums. We also learned the morning of the wedding, Rowan told Simon she was pregnant. Then, their wedding never happened. Sheriff Tommy Solano broke the news on the day of her wedding. Flashforward six years later, Tommy and Rowan are to be married AT THE SAME CHURCH and Rowan/Simon’s daughter Chloe goes to use the bathroom – and black goo comes out of the sink! What?!

Meanwhile, Simon is back at the restaurant eating, but bails on the check because he has no money (because he came back from the dead). He heads to the library Rowan works at. She thinks he’s a hallucination and talks to him about never forgetting him and finally letting go. He leaves and gets picked up by the cops under suspicion for Lucy’s attack. They don’t make it clear if she’s dead or not. Tommy thinks Simon is an imposter, until he looks at Rowan’s old photos. Also, the barkeep at Jack’s restaurant Tony is taken for questioning for the attacks. They showed him previous photos that matches Lucy’s marks and he says “That’s impossible.” Next, we see Julie prepping to shower and has the same scars as the other victims!


I’m glad each ‘returned’ gets a backstory. Simon’s is such a sad story, because he was killed on his wedding day and never got to meet his daughter. I don’t know why he didn’t say anything to his ex-fiancee, because that’s just weird. What else is weird is Rowan is GETTING MARRIED AT THE SAME LOCATION SHE WAS GOING TO MARRY SIMON!?!? No one thinks that’s weird? I get it, it’s a small town – they probably have one church, but really?! I do wish they gave us MORE of Simon’s death story. They probably will and maybe it will involve Tommy? Who knows? They didn’t give us enough information. They just wanted us to feel emotional over Rowan’s loss and it worked. Overall, I needed more of Simon’s story. I know they need to add Lucy’s attacker and suspects, but they can dedicate an episode to them later. We need to learn more about the Returned.

Anyone notice Lena is getting smarter? Her sister is back and she sees a photo of Simon from six years ago teaching her the drums. She realizes, “Shit, there are more of them.” I wonder if she will be telling everyone that the dead are returning.

We will find out more about the others the next episode, ‘Julie’. I guess we will learn about Julie’s scars and maybe more of that creepy little boy, Victor. Never trust creepy little boys.

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