Salem Witch War: What should we expect?

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* Post contains spoilers *

Salem’s second season is almost upon us and we’ve been hinted at multiple things that could be happening this season. We have found out some juicy details for this season, based off what the cast/crew told us and from the trailers.

  • John Alden (Shane West) wants revenge against all witches. Last season, we saw him left for dead by the woman he loved and saved by his Native American friends. He goes through a ritual in order to have the strength to defeat the witches. He wants to KILL THEM ALL.
  • Say good-bye to his long locks – he’s going to have short hair this season.


  • Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) believes John to be dead. She may have a new love interest, Dr. Samuel Wainwright (Stuart Townsead). He is a doctor from England who wants to find ways to cure the plague that has cursed Salem.


  • Mary finally has her son! YAY!
  • Mary has completed the Grand Rite and a plague has washed upon the city of Salem – only those with witch blood may survive it.


  • Mary also has to deal with keeping her powers within the Puritan community. The men do not like seeing a woman rule over them.
  • Mary has to deal with Mercy (Elise Eberle) who has gathered an army. Mercy wants to be considered Mary’s equal, but that’s not going to happen.
  • Mercy builds a crown based off of the headpiece she wore during season 1.
  • Poor Isaac (Iddo Goldberg). He’s ALIVE! He has the plague, but he’s alive! According to Goldberg, Isaac will not be getting any type of revenge. He’s still the same sweet Isaac, even after everything that has happened to him.
  • Anne (Tamzin Merchant) now knows she’s a witch, but refuses to accept it. She has ancient blood since her father and those before him were witches. So she’s really important to have on their side.
  • Cotton (Seth Gabel) is in Boston and has to come to terms with murdering his father.
  • Cotton gets a job as the reverend in his father’s old church in Boston and must not go back to Salem. Like that’s going to happen… According to Gabel, Anne is going to call him for help and he will go back.


  • There may be a little love story between Anne and Cotton, according to Gabel.
  • Tituba (Ashley Madwkwe) no longer has loyalties towards Mary. Even though they are on the same team, she wants revenge against Mary. According to Madwkwe, she may have that revenge.
  • Lucy Lawless will be playing Countess Palatine Ingrid von Marburg – a European (German) witch with an ancient bloodline. She has faced Increase Mather in the past before and failed to complete the Grand Rite. (Remember the German witch that Increase mentioned to Cotton and Mary that tried to do the Grand Rite. He defeated her.) So Countess probably wants to find out who completed the Grand Rite and take over from there. She’s pretty powerful and Mary has to be careful.
  • Countess Marburg also has her son Baron Sebastian Marburg (Joe Doyle) around. He’s a witch/warlock that is really loyal to his mother. Do I see a potential love interest for Anne?salem
  • We see from the trailer Countess Marburg talking to Anne about her bloodline. We know Anne comes from a powerful ancient bloodline too. Could Countess Marburg be playing matchmaker for her son and Anne? I know two strong bloodlines will make stronger descendants.
  • We may be seeing some familiar faces during this season – yes. Creator Brannon Braga commented, “You never know in a show like this.” Those who died may return either as a flashback or as a spiritual guide. Xander Berkeley’s name is in the opening credits, so it may be him. *fingers crossed*
  • Something is going to happen to the Elder Witches…


  • There will be two major deaths this season, as reported by the cast.
  • According to Montgomery, West, and Madwkwe, Mary will have a thigh nipplesalem
  • Mary will be attempting to seduce someone. Who is that?! Will we see the thigh nipple here?!?!

I guess we will find out the truth soon enough!

Salem‘s second season returns on April 5th on WGN America.

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