Smite Down: Merger of worlds?

xbone-boxartSmite on the Xbox One is still in its alpha stage, but all around the web the positive praise of the game has been pouring in. I for one have not played the alpha, but if it’s anything like the PC version, this could be the first step to joining a separate gaming community; PC and Consoles.


The MOBA scene has been somewhat exclusive on the PC and has had a huge success with games like DOTA and League of Legends, but they never quite made the jump to console in a good way simple because of the controls. This of course is where Smite comes in. The gameplay, as you may know, lends itself to a console controller perfectly. I’ll even go so far as to say it’s on par with a mouse and keyboard. If you have played any FPS you can pick up Smite and at minimum maneuver around, and with every ability being a skill shot, Smite becomes even more inviting for console players. Even though Smite won’t be cross platform, just the simple fact that a huge genre on the PC will grace a console, and be good at representing said genre, speaks miles for the direction gaming is going.


The worlds of PC and console gamers are about to collide and I believe Smite is at the forefront. Now this is all just opinion, but with games like Gigantic coming up soon and being cross platform from PC to Xbox, it’s not hard to see fans of MOBAs becoming significantly higher. Who knows, maybe there will be one MOBA to rule them all one day that’s cross platform, inviting every in, and we’ll look back on the day when Smite decided to make the leap.

Not in the Smite alpha yet? You can register on Hi-Rez’s website.

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