VR for adults – Welcome to the Red Light Center

Ever wish you had the technology that was in movies like Surrogates and Gamer? These movies were set in futuristic worlds where humans interact through virtual devices and anything was possible. During our visit at the 2015 AVN AEE, we spotted a booth that was bringing this technology into reality. The Red Light Center booth was using the Oculus Rift and creating a game that can potentially change the future of the industry.

Here is what the game is described as:

“Red Light Center is a sexy and fun Virtual World made up of thousands of real, open-minded men and women. Make friends and find new lovers in this massive community. As a VIP, you can date, hook-up and have sex, dance the night away or explore the excitement of alternative lifestyles and communities, including LGBT, BDSM, Furry, Transgendered, and more!”

Eager to try this one of a kind game, we slapped that bad boy on and was thrown in a world with a virtual Tera Patrick and things started to get hot and heavy. After our demo was over, the booth gave us a personal cardboard box demo we could use with Android phones. Check out our review of the product!

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