Penny Dreadful season 2 trailer & behind the scenes


Penny Dreadful‘s first season dealt with vampires and the many stories of Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, werewolves, and others. This season we will be introduced to WITCHES. These witches are trying to take our heroine Vanessa’s soul. Showtime released a behind-the-scenes featurette that gave us more insight on this coming season.

In the clip, we see what is going to happen to our beloved characters – Vanessa is vulnerable and faces a new demon, Sir Malcolm must come to terms with the demise of his daughter and protect the ones he loves, the budding romance between Vanessa and Ethan, Frankenstein’s new creation using Brona’s corpse, and Madame Kali’s great powers.

This is going to be an exciting season. Check it out below.

Penny Dreadful returns on May 3rd on Showtime.

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