Ghostbusters: The Board Game goes beyond expectations! (Kickstarter)

Ghostbusters: The Board Game launched in early February 2015 through its spread of awareness. Thanks to the media and social media, it has gone beyond the estimated $250,000 requirement for development and achieved more than $1.3 million in backed funds.

Ghostbusters Stretch Goals

For those who are casual fans of Ghostbusters, you would be surprised to see that the stretch goal items for the board game feature some female characters never before seen in the movies and only hinted at through the female Ghostbusters movie. In volume 2 of the Ghostbusters comics, the team is headed by Janine Melnitz and supported by Kylie Griffin, Ron Alexander, and Melanie Ortiz. Okay, Ron isn’t a female, but the girls form the majority.

Check for a post wrap-up of this Kickstarter in the next day. If you were looking to cash in on this, do so within the next few hours. The stretch goals which are available to Kickstarter-backers only is worth the investment:

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