Suicide Squad’s Jai Courtney says comic book films are ‘tired’ and ‘saturated’


Jai Courtney is a busy actor. He’s promoting his new movie, Divergent, and will be appearing in the upcoming films, Terminator Genisys and Suicide Squad. In the Suicide Squad film, he’ll be playing George “Digger Harkness, aka Boomerang. He reveals to MTV that he doesn’t want to be in a comic book movie, but he changed his mind because of director David Ayer.

“David Ayer was really the major point of attraction for me, with this,” Courtney told MTV’s Josh Horowitz. “It’s funny, Shia Labeouf and I were on a road trip to New Orleans to work on a film we did together called Man Down. And we were talking about David because he had just done Fury. We were talking about that experience and I was fascinated by what he put the guys through in order to get ready for that. It sounded amazing.”

Courtney had a talk with Labeouf about him not doing a comic book movie, since he thought the genre was “tired,” “done,” and “saturated.” However, Ayer contacted him for a part in Suicide Squad and he changed his mind. He jokes about being called a hypocrite.

In addition to that, the actor has seen the costume concept art for Boomerang.

He described the film as being “dope,” “dark” and “cool.”

Courtney says that this will be different from other comic book movies out there.

“It won’t be a comic book movie we’ve seen before,” he said.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5, 2016.

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