Common would still be excited to play Green Lantern

common green lantern john stewart

Common is a hot actor right now, especially since he won an Oscar for the Selma song, “Glory”, with John Legend. The actor/rapper was once set to play John Stewart, aka Green Lantern, but that fell through. While promoting Run All Night starring Liam Neeson, he told Screen Rant that he would love to play the Green Lantern.

“I would love to be John Stewart and play Green Lantern. That was one of those things where I was so excited because we rarely see African-American superheroes or people of color as a super hero. I think it would be great for the world to see, and for people to see, and for Hollywood to put that out there, too. But just for the world to see, just for kids to be able to see, for all nationalities to see a person of color as a super hero, too.”

“Plus, it’s just for the fun. Even the pre-production of getting the ‘go’ and studying Green Lantern. John Stewart is from Detroit, so he was this guy that was really for the community, and I really related to that. He used his powers to help people in the community. I was like, ‘Man, I’m going to be John Stewart, the Green Lantern!’ Unfortunately, it didn’t’t happen at that time. But maybe the possibility is that it could. I would love to.”

This isn’t the first time Common expressed excitement to play the role recently. In an interview with HeyUGuys a few weeks ago, he said that he would love to play the character if Warner Bros and DC were to do the film.

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