The internet comes together for the Dancing Man


The internet can be a scary place. With places like 4chan and StickyDrama, cyberbullying is very common. Just a few days ago, a photo was posted on 4chan of a man dancing at a party. Labeled the ‘Dancing Man’, he was ridiculed by the site.

Fortunately for him, the internet could also be used as a tool for good.

Cassandra of The Free Thought Project tweeted in hopes to finding this guy. Social media went wild trying to find the dancing man to take him out dancing with them. Using the hashtag #FindDancingMan, social media went nuts.

And they finally did find him. Sean, who lives in London, heard about the movement and created his own Twitter page @DancingManFound.

The girls created a fundraiser page to create a dance party for Sean. It surpassed its $20,000 goal in less than two days. It also caught the attention of music legends Moby and Pharrell, who wanted a piece of the action.

Now, there will be a dancing event in honor of the Dancing Man, with proceeds going towards anti-bullying organizations held at the LA Coliseum. Party king Andrew W.K. even expressed dancing with Dancing Man.

Sean posted his excitement on Twitter, which he just joined yesterday.

What’s next for Sean? Maybe an appearance on the Ellen Show?

Take that, internet bullies.

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