Sam Strike is NOT the new Spider-Man


Everyone is champing at the bit to see who Sony and Marvel are going to pick to be Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man film. A lot of rumors have come out since the big studios collaboration announcement. So far it seems that Fury‘s Logan Lerman and Teen Wolf‘s Dylan O’Brien appear to be the frontrunners.

News has come out today that they’ve gone with another upcoming actor named Sam Strike. Strike is not a relatively known household name. The young British actor is best known for his role in the BBC show EastEnders.

The rumor began to spread after Sam’s management company made a big announcement that the actor had landed the lead role in a big US film.

What day to remember, well done @SamStrike exciting news to follow….

Many questions sent on my last tweet @SamStrike – he has been offered the lead role in a very big US film, Info soon

According to the Sam’s Twitter, he has been recently hitting the gym to get in shape for an upcoming role that he could not name. According to Latino Review, the 21-year-old actor is in line with Marvel and Sony’s plans for a younger Peter Parker.

It doesn’t help the rumor that almost four months ago the actor posted a photo of himself donning a Spider-Man mask with the caption “I’m Spider-Man.”

sam strike spider-man
Earlier this month, Sam tweeted that he believes the next Spider-Man should be Peter Parker despite rumors that their could be a chance it could be Miles Morales.

Sam Strike: I love the Miles Morales’ spider-man series . But I don’t think the movies are ready for him yet. Spider-man is still incomplete . Next time.

BBC Trending: Hi Sam. Lots of fans think #MilesMorales is ready… When do you think this Spidey depiction will be ready for future movies?

Sam Strike: When a correct portrayal of peter Parker is seen through to the end . If Garfield stuck around for AS3 , the one after that.

Sam Strike: They could’ve killed off Garfield in AS3 like in ‘the death of spider-man’ then had Miles Morales in the post credits clip.

Seems like Sam is pretty interested in the character. It was later revealed after some digging from Latino Review’s Umberto Gonzalez that Sam would not be playing  the webslinger anytime soon.

Another one bites the dust. Who do you think will be the next Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments below.

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