Arrow’s Caity Lotz says she’ll be in spin-off series with The Atom and Firestorm


It’s reported that Caity Lotz, who played Canary in Arrow, would be returning into the CW’s DC universe. During a Fan Fest 2015 panel, Lotz said that her character will be back, but in a spin-off series that’s featuring Brandon Routh as The Atom and Victor Garber as Firestorm.

When asked about how Canary, aka Sara Lance, is going to return, she had this to say.

“Sara Lance definitely died in Episode 1 of Season 3 — oh, spoiler alert! Sorry if you’re not caught up,” she joked. “And then…has anybody heard about the spin-off? So there is a new show in development and I’m so excited to finally be able to talk about this. The Atom, Firestorm, my character and, so I guess that is a big thing that’s going on and everyone keeps asking me when they see on the Internet, ‘Well, you’re dead. How are you going to be in the new show? Is it just going to be flashbacks or are you playing a whole new character? Are you Sara Lance? I would love to tell you, but I think they might kill me.”

The moderator jokes that nobody in comics never truly dies, with Lotz saying, “How many times have I died already? Sara Lance has died, I think three times, so you never know.”

The series is expected to air in 2016 with 13 episodes.

What do you think of Caity Lotz returning to the CW’s DC universe?

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