Playstation Plus March downloads and Spring Fever 2015!

A screenshot for Valiant Hearts, one of the many games available for free for PS+ subscribers

A screenshot for Valiant Hearts, one of the many games available for free for PS+ subscribers

Other than online gaming on your PS4, there are many other benefits to having a PlayStation Plus account. One of such perks are the free games your are able to download every month which you can own and play as long as you remain a PS+ member. The perks don’t just extend to PS4 users, as your account will get you some free games for your PS3 and PS Vita as well. Here is the list of free games to download for March 2015:


Oddworld: New N Tasty! – This 3D platformer/sidescroller takes you through the life of Abe, a floor waxer for Odysee’s meat processing plant, who must escape the plant before falling prey to his boss’s sinister plan to turn him and all of Odysee’s other employees into tasty meat snacks themselves!

Valiant Hearts: the Great war – This 2D Ubisoft Montpellier production follows three separate characters whose lives are torn apart by the outbreak of the First World War. Not only does this story focus on the bonds between friendship and compassion, but it features numerous history facts and info as you progress through the game.


Papo & Yo – This Puzzle/Platformer will have you controlling a young boy named Quico who is desperately scouring the land to find a cure for his friend, aptly named ‘Monster’. Monster unfortunately has a culinary addiction to poisonous frogs and when consumed will go on a vicious rampage. Why does this make me think of Gremlins?

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments – Sadly this game does not feature Benedict Cumberbatch, but it does feature six different cases that allows you to interrogate, name and punish suspects and criminals in the way you see fit. British LA Noire anyone?


Olli Olli 2: Welcome to Olliwood-
Wordplay aside, this sidescrolling skateboarding game takes you through the city of angels most famous locales as you flip jump and grind your way to a high score. The game also features a larger “tricktionary” and over 250 new challenges to explore.

Counter Spy – A 1950s/1960s stylized stealth game that will immediately remind you of TF2 bold textures. You take control of a spy working for the C.O.U.N.T.E.R Spy agency, whose sole purpose is to keep the superpowers of the world in check and keep the world in harmonious peace. Worth a play for any James Bond or Archer lovers.

New as well this month is the addition of Playstation’s Spring Fever 2015, which will feature several new games over the next couple of weeks including game deals and videos! What better way to ring in the sunshine than with games, games and more games?

Source: Playstation Store


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