PAX East 2015: What to expect in Final Fantasy XIV RR: Heavensward

final fantasy 1-environment-art-2

Square Enix just finished their PAX East presentation and while they didn’t show a whole lot of new information, they did give us release dates as well as some very pretty pieces of eye candy to look at while we wait for release.

Lets start with what we already know:

  • New Playable Race: The AU RA – Very akin to dragons featuring scaled skin, lizard-like tails and curved horns on their heads.
  • New Jobs: Dark Knight (Tank), Astrologian (Healer), and Machinist (DPS)
  • Level cap increase from 50 to 60
  • New High-end Raids: Including a dungeon series within “Alexander”, the mechanical colossus from the Final Fantasy series.
  • Flying Mounts: Flying chocobos, Dragons, Gryphons, and personal airships.
  • New Beast Tribes and Powerful Primals
  • New Gear, Recipes and more

final fantasy 350px-Dark_knight1

final fantasy 400px-Astrologian3

final fantasy 400px-Machinist1

Then there is all the new stuff:

  • Expansion Launches June 23, 2015, Pre-orders begin on March 16, 2015. Early access starting June 19, 2015.
  • They are releasing a Mac version.
  • Benchmark software to be released in April to test out certain new content pieces.
  • The previously announced CE comes with a potion to change your current characters race, an exclusive Gryphon flying mount, Dragon Statue and more. Pricing has not yet been announced.
  • There will be an all-in-one combo package including both the main game and expansion for newcomers to the game.
  • Alexander raid boss will feature two modes. a Story mode version so that all players can enjoy the content whenever they’re ready, not just players who have top level gear and full raid parties. For the hardcore fans the Alexander raid is posed to be even more difficult than Bahamut’s Coil.
  • The new story arc will take place in Ishgard and will center around the thousand-year Dragonsong War and feature a darker, more mature plot.
  • New Max level Job specific Armor for every Job including disciples of land and hand.
  • Massive new locations much bigger than any of the current areas.

Heres the teaser trailer for the new expansion. We will update with video of the new content when it becomes available.

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