Black Sails ‘XV’ recap and review

Warning: Contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of Black Sails

A girl held hostage, a fortress at stake between two crews, and another attempt to remove Flint. Last week’s episode of Black Sails left us with a possible future among Nassau and New Providence which was left in Charles Vane’s hands with his hostage. Despite negotiations, Vane made it clear what he wanted, which pushed Eleanor into breaking out Abigail herself. Tonight’s episode, “XV”, proves that there is no honor among thieves.

Eleanor seems desperate and hopes Flint succeeds in his mission. Abigail being brought to his father and gaining an ally can help bring a pardon to everyone in New Providence along with electing their own leader to run it. Many fear that England will return to reclaim the island, with Billy telling Dufrense about seeing ships preparing their arrival. Eleanor risks her ‘relationship’ with Vane by breaking her out, and is given an ultimatum during her escape: open the gate so he can settle the dispute with the hostage as men or leave with no possible chances of returning. Despite Vane’s threat toward Eleanor for her betrayal, she keeps the gate locked and heads into the tunnels to ensure Abigail reaches Flint and Miranda.


With just a few moments before the vote to merge the two crews led by Hornigold in an attempt to reclaim his fort, Flint and Billy discuss the votes and any chances of Hornigold’s success. With a last ditch effort, Flint has decided to attempt to persuade the crew to follow him even, though Hornigold has many arguments against him. With the matter being held among the crew with Hornigold stating his claim for leadership, John Silver returns and informs Flint of the gold being gone. News travels quick as one pirate overhears the word ‘gone’ and spreads among the crew with Flint leaving the vote. Dufrense informs Flint of the crew no longer willing to fight with Hornigold.

The crew, on the other hand want to get paid, warns Dufrense. With every option being discussed with the crew, including ransoming Abigail, Flint’s only option is having John Silver persuade the crew to go with his plan. Without the gold, John Silver no longer follows Flint despite needing his help to convince the crew to deliver Abigail. Flint puts Silver in his place by informing him of his importance to the crew and nowhere else. This has Silver doing the only option he has to remain relevant by staying with the crew and convincing them to follow Flint’s plan. Dufrense, on the other hand, shows his desperation and demands Billy to pursue the pardons with 8 men. Seeing no other choice, he tasks Dufrense to find those men willing to betray Flint, but it turns into a ruse with Billy stopping any plans against Flint. Billy fears for his brother’s safety and wishes no harm close to resembling the torture he has endured, stating “none of us are safe until we are all safe.” With this news he tells Flint of 18 defectors, including Dufrense, from his crew.


With Flint meeting Abigail, Dufrense meets with Hornigold with an option to offer England when they arrive. With Hornigold questioning Dufrense about what they may offer, Dufrense counters not what, but who they offer that has value to England. Believing to be Abigail, by episode’s end, it is revealed that Dufrense was talking about Richard Guthrie, Eleanor’s father, as he heads toward an ambush. With Silver now possibly convincing the crew to follow Flint, Silver reveals it as misdirection to Max: the gold remains on the beach with the crew watching over it being killed by disease. With little crew left, he wants to band a small crew to fetch it and asks Max, who would be willing to go with him. Last week I claimed Silver hasn’t betrayed Flint yet, and this could be his grand betrayal, seeing as Silver feels that Flint’s goal is no longer the gold but for pardon and a future for Nassau and New Providence. Silver’s actions prove to himself that Flint is no longer interested in the gold and instead is attempting to reclaim it himself with the help of Max.


Where do we go from here? Flint now has Abigail and a way to save his men and New Providence. Silver has the gold within his grasp. Eleanor has betrayed Vane for the last time in which he claims there will be consequences for her actions, and Hornigold has a new hostage in his sights. With Billy’s betrayal, Dufrense will now attempt anything to ensure his safety should England arrive and seeing his pardon vanish. The crew is angry at the loss of the gold but with Silver’s words they may turn to Flint for leadership. With Silver’s plan in play and seeking a small crew, is this his true betrayal or a scheme set by Flint in reclaiming the gold? With the crew sailing at first light, Silver could very well be playing everyone once he has the gold, and with Flint on his voyage to return Abigail to Peter Ashe, there would be no one to stop Silver.

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