Now you can shoot fireballs from your hands for just $174

fireball ellusionist

Did you ever dream of having super powers? I know I did. I always had the dream of being able to fly, whether I’d be like Rogue, Storm or even Wonder Woman. Regardless of who, I just wanted to be able to fly. Well it seems that as time progresses, we are getting closer and closer to our hopes and dreams. Well sort of. Man at Arms has created many weapons from our favorite heroes, and there’s a guy who just finished creating Iron Man’s suit from a 3D printer. It seems right that the next big thing is controlling elemental forces. Enter the Pyro Fireshooter.

This awesome new gadget is called the Pyro Fireshooter by Ellusionist and is already available to purchase. It gives wearers the ability to shoot balls of fire from their wrists with the simple click of a button. A warning posted on the website for this awesome device reads  “This is not a toy. This is a ‘badass’ device that allows you to launch fireballs from your open palm.”

The Pyro Fireshooter will run you $174 and can be purchased from the Ellusionist website here.

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