Rock Band 4 officially announced for PS4 and Xbox One

It’s time to get the band back together again. Rock Band 4 has been announced and while it’s been rumored for quite a while now, Harmonix has made it official and has even partnered with Mad Catz to bring us both the Rock Band 4 game and instruments.

It is being developed exclusively for Xbox One and PS4 and with the power of the new generation of consoles, it allows for new freedoms like easier title updates and the evolution of how Rock Band is played. Harmonix is also now an independent studio no longer owned by Viacom, which allows a lot of  freedom. There is no outside influence as they state in the video below.

“We’re not doing the new Rock Band because we have to or because someone told us to. We are making it because we Want To.”

Here is the breakdown of info they have released so far :

  1. Partnering with Madcatz for new instruments. There will be a Rock Band 4 Band in a Box which will include: Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller, a new Wireless Drum Kit and a Microphone.
  2. The new instruments will be very similar to older ones since Harmonix still has a relationship with Fender. There will also be exclusive colors for pre-orders.
  3. PS4 and Xbox One exclusive
  4. The series will be evolving in certain ways, but they are holding onto the details of how for later.
  5. Rock Band 4 is intended to be fully backwards compatible with your old instruments and DLC library. This is dependent on the two companies cooperation (Sony and Microsoft).
  6. The “Legacy” DLC will be available after it’s made available for the new consoles and is planned to be free of charge. Again this relies on cooperation from Sony and Microsoft.
  7. Rock Band 4 is intended to last for years and be updated regularly with new songs, modes, and other various things that the RB community would like, instead of having yearly releases.
  8. The disc will feature a killer disc soundtrack and support the 200+ library of tracks launched since 2007.
  9. Oh yeah, it’s planned for a release this YEAR!!! more details will be announced in May.

You can sign up for the special pre-order mailing list at

Check back with us for all your Rock Band updates as I will be posting updates whenever information goes live.

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