There will be more Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron than The Avengers

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In Marvel’s The Avengers, the Hulk was more of a showcase of power and crazy visuals. He jumped on buildings, beat the crap out of the alien baddies, and gave us some laughs. Other than that, we really didn’t get to see much of Bruce Banner as the raging green beast. Now Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon reveals that the Hulk will have more screen time as well as more development.

“There is more Hulk in this movie than there was in the last first,” Whedon told SFX.

Instead of just showing off what the Hulk can do, we’ll get to see him more as one of the Avengers team members.

“What I love is we have the opportunity, because we went in with this mission statement, to shoot the Hulk like a character in a movie, and not like a ‘Look what we’ve got!’ We have ‘overs’ – blurry ‘Hulk’s over there! Bits, very quick shots,” Whedon explained. “Everything isn’t ‘We built the Hulk so for god’s sake you’re going to watch him in this long take, full frame, the whole time!’ We really got to make him one of the characters in the movie. And that was a gift.”

As much as Whedon is enjoying the movie, it still stresses him out.

“Shoot me in the face! It is a nightmare,” Whedon said. “I long for the simple movies like Serenity! This is the hardest juggling act I have ever, ever tried to pull off.”

Characters from other team-based super-hero movies like X-Men have similar backgrounds. The Avengers is a collection of many different personalities and powers.

“They’re very disparate characters,” Whedon said. “The joy of the Avengers is they really don’t belong in the same room. It’s not like the X-Men who are all tortured by the same thing and have similar costumes. These guys are just all over the place. And so it’s tough. Honestly, this is as though as anything I’ve ever done, and I haven’t worked this hard since I had three shows on the air.”

Avengers: Age Of Ultron hits theaters May 1, 2015.

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