Your Pizza Adventure, the interactive movie game app


In a world where movies never end the way you want them too, comes an app that let’s you do just that. Throwing back to the choose your own adventure books of yesteryear, we have Your Pizza Adventure, available now on Itunes.

Your Pizza Adventure places the stressful job of the Pizza Boy in your hands. You control every decision on the quest to make his first successful delivery.  But delivering pie isn’t easy, and you’ll have to navigate through dangerous neighborhoods where everyone wants a slice.  There are more than 300 videos and 150 possible choices on your crazy mission to deliver the pizza to its rightful and hungry owner.

Your Pizza Adventure uses actors, not cartoons to take you on a journey. It’s a custom journey where you are the director of the action. Purely for the value of seeing how trans-media has affected filmmaking, this is worth checking out.

Your Pizza Adventure is made by the company Your Perfect Adventure, LLC. A team of filmmakers, actors, and game designers who bring interactive, live action, movie games to life through multimedia.

I’m sure we will see great things from this company going forward.

To download the app click here.

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