Conan in Cuba: A historical event for TV


It’s been weeks in the making, but it’s finally here: Conan’s experience in Cuba.

After President Obama lifted the travel restrictions to Cuba, Conan visited Cuba last month – becoming the first late-night host in more than 50 years to film in Cuba. The last time was on The Tonight Show in 1959, when Jack Paar interviewed Fidel Castro. Conan did face some difficulties when he first arrived to Cuba. But after the visas situation was fixed, Conan’s trip went smoothly. He got to meet the people of Cuba and experience the culture there. He wasn’t trying to make fun of them, but instead have the Cuban peopleĀ laugh at him.

Since his usual sidekick Andy Richter and the Cable band could not join him, Conan had to improvise. He found a local band to play as his band and a local guy to be “Cuban Andy”. Conan also attempted to speak Spanish and came to the conclusion that dogs hate him and old ladies love him.

We will post more videos as they post them. Conan in Cuba airs tonight on TBS.

Watch his cold open below:

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