Sony’s PS4 sells over 20 million units to consumers

PS4 console

Sony is here to let everyone know that its PS4 console is the king. It has announced that it has sold over 20.2 million units worldwide as of March 1st. If you’re thinking that it’s shipped to retailers, think again, because according to the company via GameSpot, these are sold through to consumers. Those are some impressive numbers. The last we heard, Sony had sold over 18 million PS4 units to consumers.

The console war is still early, but the PlayStation 4 is leading by a lot. Microsoft still hasn’t announced its sales figures yet for the Xbox One. The last we heard, it only shipped 12 million units to retailers. Imagine what the actual sell though is to consumers.

The Xbox One was able to beat the PS4 during two months of the holiday season, thanks to the price cut. However, it looks like the price cut didn’t help in the long run. Microsoft will have to do more than that to get more people to adapt it’s new-gen console.

As for the Wii U…

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