Riot Games merchandise shop explodes with awesome figures

Riot Games has decided that spending your money on in-game items in its free-to-play juggernaut, League of Legends, is no longer enough. The company has decided to add figurines as another way to take all of our money. The first wave of figures stand approximately anywhere from about 2.5 to 6 inches each, depending on the character and its pose.

As of now there are 15 champions available with more to come. With there being over 120 champions, each having at least 2 unique skins, we may see them being made into alternate figures. Couple that fact with them adding new champions every couple of months, you have got a new expensive collection to show off. Each figure is currently priced at $25 and comes with gold foil embossed packaging and an official Riot Games card of authenticity.

Now if you want something really flashy to show off to your fellow summoners, then you can order one of their premium statues. As of now there are only two to choose from.

Thresh the chain warden stands at over 9 inches tall and is textured by hand for details. It will run you $70.

Ziggs the Hexplosives Expert and is over 13 inches tall. It’s made of PVC and Polyresin and will set you back $100. Once March 9th hits, he goes up to $150.

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