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Today, Community fans finally get their first look at season 6 coming Tuesday, March 17th only to Yahoo Screen. Community has got to be one of the most resilient television/Internet shows ever, having survived an unbelievable amount of cast turn over and multiple cancellations. Yet again it looks like the study group has received a makeover, losing Shirley and Professor Buzz Hickey in exchange for a pair of newcomers Elroy and Frankie. Refreshingly it looks like Community is getting back to the outlandish premises and Dan Harmon awesomness that drew so many of us into the show in the first place.

It was exciting for me to see Community staples like Leonard and Garrett included in the trailer, hopefully those characters as well as others like Fat Neil, Magnitude, and Starburns will make appearances in the latest season. It’s doubtful we will see Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, or any other past study groupers return to the show this season for anything more than a cameo, but the mantra has always been Six Seasons and a movie.

It’s entirely possible that this is the last full season of the show we will ever get. Here’s to hoping that this season of Community delivers the funny and the fan interest, because there is no doubt that Dan Harmon and Co. could deliver on a movie that would definitely wrap up the series in the appropriate fashion that I just know would tie everything and everyone back together… maybe even Pierce Hawthorne.

It’s safe to say that the trailer alone proves that Season 6 is going to be far from the darkest timeline.

Source: Yahoo

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