Bryan Singer to direct sci-fi classic ‘The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress’

the moon is a harsh witness

Bryan Singer has signed on to direct Robert A Heinlein’s 1966 classic book, “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” for Fox Studios. Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim will adapt the book with Singer, Lloyd Braum, and Thor Halvorssen producing the film. Andrew Mittman and Jason Taylor will be executive producers for the project. The film will be titled Uprising.

This Hugo and Nebula award-winning sci-fi novel centers around a lunar colony’s revolt against rule from Earth. It is based in 2075 where there are underground colonies scattered on the moon – mainly consisting of criminals, political exiles, and descendants thereof.

This will be the third attempt as the adaptation, previously attempted by DreamWorks and Phoenix Pictures.

Bryan Singer is currently working on the pre-production for X-Men: Apocalypse for its May 27th, 2016 release.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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