Here’s the list of 18 dinosaurs that will appear in Jurassic World


The original Jurassic Park that released back in the early 1990s blew everyone’s minds when they featured the Velociraptor, Triceratop, Brachiosaurus, and finally the Tyrannosaurus Rex. I was still a little kid at that time and nothing could have prepared my eyeballs for all those dinosaurs in that movie.

It’s now 2015 and Jurassic World is finally releasing to theaters this summer. We’ve got a combined list of dinosaurs that will appear in the movie, and the one I’m most excited for is the Mosasaur! I’m as giddy as a school girl right now!


You see this beautiful screenshot above from the Jurassic World trailer? That’s a Mosasaur eating a Great White Shark. A GREAT WHITE SHARK! Look at the size comparison to that monster of a creature. The Mosasaur was one of the most deadliest predators to ever grace our oceans during the age of the dinosaurs, and IT’S GOING TO BE IN THIS COMING MOVIE!

With all these awesome dinosaurs showing up in this film, I wonder how much of an impact they’ll play when our characters are running and screaming near the end of the movie. I guess we’ll all find out soon.

Jurassic World is the 4th part to the Jurassic Park series and will be releasing in theaters on June 12, 2015.

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